Interested in a paid vacation and the chance to live in a tropical paradise? Want to make serious cash dancing?


You’ve come to the right place! We always looking for dancers to come and join the team at Vikings! We offer 2-3 month contracts for the right applicants with one way or return tickets paid for upon completion of contract. Guam is consistently busy with Military always coming and going, the potential to earn a lot of money is here and who knows you may just want to stay forever!


HOW THE CLUB WORKS: We are open 7 nights 7:30 pm – 2:00 am, dancers are expected to be at work at 7 pm. Dancers are paid $450.00 USD every 6 nights of completed shifts. If you make over $1000.00 (not including personal tips) you will also receive a $100.00 USD bonus. We do not charge any door fees however the club takes 50% of all drink and private dances sales. You will receive Vikings chips to the Value of all your drink and dance commissions which you cash out upon completion of your shift.


BOUNCERS: The Bouncers will collect your cash tips off the stage for you and dancers are expected to tip them $3.00 – $5.00 dollars depending how much you have obviously.

MOMMA’S: The mommas are the hostesses of the club and will help you out tremendously in making money, they will help to find you customers to sit with, serve drinks and help to get you private dances. You are expected to tip out the Momma who has helped you for the night in securing your dances etc. $10.00 – $20.00 is common but it will depend on the night. Obviously if you haven’t had any dances you do not need to tip but if they have helped a lot you may want to tip them more.

BAR: A maximum of $25.00 dollars of your chip cash out will go to the bar. If you aren’t cashing out a lot of chips it wont be as high.


AVERAGE EARNINGS: $200.00 – $500.00 a night with easy potential to make far, far more. $1000.00 plus nights are not uncommon at Vikings and the influx of customers is always there. If you stay on island at least two months you can easily expect to leave with $10,000.00 and upwards of $20,000.00 for a 3 months. put the nights in and you will earn great money here.


THE CONTRACT: A 3 month contract means the dancer will complete 78 nights of work to receive her return travel costs paid for. Upon being approved by the owner you will have your flight details sorted for you. Your first two paychecks will be held as a deposit towards your ticket, once you have completed the 78 nights or 56 for a two month contract (one way ticket covered only) you will be reimbursed the first two pay checks and the club will book your return flight. You will be expected to work 5-6 nights a week and will be designated days off.

STAGE SHOWS: We have between 7-15 girls working a night and stage sets run off a rotating roster. Sets will be between 10 – 12 minutes in length one girl at a time. We have two static poles on stage and encourage girls to preform pole tricks or bring their own style and skills to the stage! Show off what you’ve got 🙂 Girls can dance to their own music for each set. We really welcome all styles here! You can make great tips on stage when it’s busy in Guam so if you love to perform it’s a great club!


OUTFITS: Sexy lingerie, Bikini’s, club dresses, fantasy costumes and of course your best stripper heels! there is also a shop near club selling dancer shoes and costumes etc. should you need to pick up anything else.

ACCOMODATION: We offer accommodation; A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with 2 girls max to a room is available and paid for by the owner, however we do ask that the dancers pay $350.00 USD a month towards utilities as well as a $60.00 USD room cleaning fee upon leaving. The condo is across the road from the beach, walking distance to the club and close to restaurants, gyms, shopping etc. It has a fully equipped kitchen and WiFi.


SAFETY: Guam is very safe and with common sense you shouldn’t have any problems on the island. From the dancer condo you can walk to the club (about 10 minutes) But it’s always a good idea to walk home with other dancers or you can catch a Korean Taxi for very cheap if you’d prefer. The club is on the main strip of nightlife, it is well lit and there are plenty of people out and about so its generally very safe place to walk around at night etc. It is a busy, touristy destination. The club offers lockers to dancers if they would like to store their belongings and is equipped with a very good security system so there is rarely theft etc. The club is like a family and will always assist you with any worries of concerns you have during your stay, we all look out for each other!

THE ISLAND LIFE: Guam is beautiful and there is plenty to see and do here Enjoy the Stunning beaches of Tumon Bay, champagne Sunday brunches at the top of hotels, barbeque with the locals, snorkeling, diving, water sports, high end shopping, explore the natural scenery of the island including caves, jungle, waterfalls and so much more! You will fall in love with the island everybody does!


So what are you waiting for!?

Apply today 🙂

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